Make Up Your Week: Armani's Playful Colors

Emporio Armani.jpg

Makeup can be a form of expression and a creation of art, and the best example of this is the use of color. Color is always fun to play with and it can never go wrong, Color can be intimidating, but it’s never wrong to add a pop of color to a simple look to play up the basics. For those who love Emporia Armani and the trends they set, their runway look should be familiar and to achieve isn’t hard at all.


1.      Eyeshadow Palette: Moroccan Spice Eyeshadow Palette – Fenty Beauty by Rihanna, $59: This colorful palette comes with bright colors and smoky colors to create the perfect day to night look, and is the perfect palette one to recreate the colors of the Armani model. The subtle smoky eye can be obtained with the brown and gray hues within the palette while the pop of blue on the waterline can be achieved with the blue color within it as well. The creamy shimmers add an easy pickup onto the brush to help create a precise and powerful eye look as you apply.


2.      Mascara: Better Than Sex by Too Faced, $24: While the eyeshadow look is both playful and sexy, to add a dramatic effect to the lashes will be the most achievable with this Too Faced product. Known as a best seller for beauty retailers, Better Than Sex is a top-selling mascara in the beauty industry in the United States. It makes the lashes increase in length and volume along with adding a wispy effect to your already beautiful lashes.


3.      Lip: Bite Beauty: French Press Lip Gloss, $22: Bite Beauty is an amazing brand when it comes to their comfortable and creamy lip products, never letting their customers down. This newly released product come in six comfortable shades that can all be used as nudes on different skin complexions or be paired with the eye look. It is a buildable and comfortable lip gloss that has a color tint to it. It can be paired with a lip liner or be left alone.


4.      Foundation: Born This Way by Too Faced, $39: Too Faced recently relaunched their Born This Way foundation by adding a couple new shades to go deeper than before. The effort to correct their shade range had created a positive outlook on the Too Faced brand as well as making it possible for all to find their color. This dewy but lightweight foundation with a medium-full coverage application helps create a radiant glow to the face. The foundation has coconut water [K1] [K2] and alpine rose that all benefit the skin in a healthy way.


5.      Concealer: Born This Way Super Coverage Multi-Use Sculpting Concealer, $29: This concealer is a new addition to the complexion line of Too Faced and works like a charm. In order to brighten up your under eye, it is recommended you get a shade or two lighter than one similar to your skin tone to add brightness to your highlight points. In order to adding brightness to your face, the concealer is thick enough to cover dark circles without drying out nor feeling cakey on the skin.


The simple pop of color adds a playful style onto a simple look. It creates a daring effect without overplaying the concept of color. It is a great start for those who want to dabble with color but are afraid of the outlook after the makeup is applied. As I stated, color can be intimating but it is fun and shows that you aren’t fearful of being different. Emporio Armani shows this evidently in their runway shows as well as their fashion pieces – the dare to be different is a trend that will last for decades.