Make Up Your Week: Calvin's Natural Vision

Calvin Klein.jpg

Summer heat demands lightweight makeup. In Calvin Klein’s runway show, the display of lightweight makeup that gives you a natural look helped create a new wave of standards. The no-makeup makeup look continues to rise in demand as brands turn towards the natural look to help women look their best. For a simple look, simple products like the ones below will help you to enhance that natural beauty without breaking a sweat.


1.     Base: Bare Minerals Original Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 15 ($29): Bare Minerals is well-known for their loose powder foundations. The foundation itself comes in two different finishes: which are their original finish and their matte. The original finish of the foundation gives a radiant and dewy look that often makes the skin look like it has little to no foundation on while the matte gives a full coverage effect with less radiance. Even though both foundations are buildable, the original finish is the best for the summer as it gives a skin like finish as well as it not feeling as heavy as the matte foundation. With a powder foundation that comes in thirty shades, making it possible to find a shade as close to your skin tone as possible. This foundation in particular is known for being the number one loose powder foundation in America as well.


2.     Eyebrows: Gimme Brow by Benefit ($24): With a swipe of the brush, Gimme Brow can help fill in your eyebrow or darken it with just a few extra swipes. After being off the market for so long, Benefit has recently brought back their Gimme Brow product and added a couple of more shades to help cater to different brow colors. The product itself contains color as well as a gel to help tame and fill in your brows while enhancing your natural colors.


3.     Lips: Ilia Tinted Lip Conditioner ($28): Ilia is an upcoming “clean” makeup brand that caters to all. When a brand is labeled as clean, it means that their products are cruelty free as well as not being made with any harsh chemicals and toxic. On top of this, the products are completely organic and is meant to take care of your skin while enhancing your look. Ilia’s Tinted Lip Conditioner is both a sheer lip color as well as a hydrating balm. The colors come in 12 shades, each of which leaves a beautiful finish. In case you’re looking for color or just a simple moisturizing nude, Ilia’s clean and flattering product will do it for your lips.


4.     Cheeks: Becca Blush Beach Tint ($25): Cream or liquid blushes of any kind are great fora natural look. It’s controllable and workable with your finger which gives you the opportunity to create a natural flushed look. Becca’s Beach Tint comes in five flattering colors, shades that can work in different settings without bringing too much attention as well as being able to sit on top of powdered foundation without making the appearance look caked on.


5.     Setting Spray: Urban Decay All Nighter ($32)Urban Decay’s All Nighter setting spray is perfect for the heat as well as a busy night. The sweat-resistant setting spray is the number one setting spray product in the United States and never fails to disappoint. Just do a few spritzes over your face and your makeup ends up looking like you’ve just applied it throughout the day. If you’re looking for a new setting spray, this would be the ultimate ending goal product.

The key to achieving a natural look in the summer is to wear minimal and lightweight products that will withstand high temperatures. For this look, less is more. It’s a great way to simmer down your style for those hot days. With both the foundation and lip product that cover the basic needs for skin protection, you also get a slight touch skincare added in. Don’t let the sun ruin your day for some natural glam. Keep it simple and you’ll still look your best.