Skintox: The Importance of Sunscreen


In the summer, we lather on sunscreen to protect our bodies from the damaging rays that the sun projects upon us. However, we often forget to sunscreen our face, or we use body sunscreen for the face. Most of us just skip out on the sunscreen all together but those of you are heavily mistaken. Sunscreen for the face is a must, face even when it’s cold out.

Sunscreen’s ultimate job is to protect the skin for the rays that the sun gives off which has increasingly gotten harmful over the years. The ozone layer is slowly depleting and that is causing more harmful rays to affect our skin. This screams danger and the harmful exposure to the sun can lead to health complications, least of all sunburns. In a recent tweet by Jackie Aina, a YouTuber of color, showed a picture of her sunburn after forgetting to apply sunscreen on a day out. Even those who claim not to not need sunscreen, do need it. Sunscreen has many benefits that will make sure you will never leave the house without it.

1.     Sunscreen reduces and helps prevent and the appearance of dark spots which makes your skin tone even and healthy. At first, I believed this was a myth until I started using sunscreen on my face and gradually noticed the difference within a year or two. I first started in the summer and continued to apply it to my face over the course of the year. I have had dark spots for as long as I can remember, and the process of watching them fade and not return had boosted my confidence, which made me feel like makeup was no longer a necessity. Well, maybe on some days.

2.     It keeps you young. Sun rays has a long-term effect that contributes to aging prematurely and no amount of anti-aging protection can save you. When you wear sunscreen, you slow down the aging process which makes you wrinkle-free until your old age comes. Isn’t it better to be safe than sorry?

3.     The falling rates of skin cancer can be linked to sunscreen. Sunscreen increasing the risk of skin cancer is actually a myth and goes the other way. Sunscreen decreases the risk of skin cancer as it protects the skin from the UVA rays, the most dangerous rays from the sun. The UVA rays can effect one of the deepest layers within your skin, which is where melanoma develops. The UVA rays are prone to damage the collagen in your skin, which is the protein that helps your skin stay soft and young.

These are the major factors when it comes to the benefit of sunscreen. Now, how do you know which sunscreen could be best for you? Here are some key factors to keep in mind as well as how to use it.

1.     Do not use a body sunscreen on your face, it will clog your pores. Do buy a small bottle of face sunscreen that you can leave in your purse when you go out.

2.     Do get a sunscreen that is labeled broad spectrum, it helps protect your skin from different types of UV rays.

3.     Makeup with SPF is not enough. Makeup with SPF typically only contain SPF 15 and it is recommended by dermatologist that you use SPF 30 or more.

4.     Do reapply after a couple of hours or immediately after you swim or sweat. Sunscreen stops being effect after a while.

5.     Apply sunscreen 30 minutes before going out into the sun. This helps the sunscreen settle properly into your skin to help create a more effective result.

The importance of sunscreen is, on top of preserving an even skin tone, to protect you for any harmful damage that can cause complications in the long run. No matter the complexion or kind of skin you have, sunscreen is an absolute must.