Make Up York Week: No. 21 Darken Look


As trends are constantly being overwritten and fashion shows ceaselessly redefine the industry, the need to recreate never stops. No. 21 gives a little twist on a look that leaves a mysterious and pleasant feeling to those who look at the image. This ominous but minimal look is nothing short of easy and the recreation will be a breeze.


1.     Base: Fenty Beauty by Rihanna – Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation, $34: In the No. 21 runway show, the model wears a matte face finish as her base. The model’s skin tone is an equivalent to the Shade 140 in Fenty’s Pro Filt’r foundation, as she is light but has slight yellow undertones that you can see in her face. The choice for the foundation is solely based on the fact that matte foundations can be uncomfortable to wear overtime, but Fenty’s gives you a comfortable matte finish that can last throughout the day.


2.     Setting Powder: Laurier Mercier Setting Powder – Translucent, $23-$38: To help set the foundation as well as keeping it matte throughout the day, Laurier Mercier’s setting powder is the perfect one to do it. It comes in two different sizes, with one being a travel size to help you on the go. The powder has a smooth, buttery finish which prevents flashback and creates a soft canvas for other products used alongside the base.


3.     Bronzer: Marc Jacobs O!Mega Bronzer Perfect Tan – Tantric 102, $49: This bronzer gives the perfect depth as well as darkness that creates  the mysterious but beautiful effect in the model’s face. As you apply the bronzer, draw a line to match your cheekbones and slowly build up the product over time. It’s best to go slowly and carefully: when you add too much, it’s irreversible. You can also use the bronzer to contour the nose as well as the apples of the forehead for a more dramatic effect.


4.     Eyeshadow: Yves Saint Laurent Couture Palette – Couleurs 01, $60: The colors within this YSL palette help creates eye depth that the model has on her face. The black creates that ominous eye statement while the grays in the palette can help soften the statement in case you get a little happy with the color. The easy-to-carry palette as well as the eye tools that come within it helps keep you looking freshly polished throughout the day. Throw it your bag to work or to the beach! Wherever you need to go, this palette will come with you.


5.     Lip: Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme, $28: The pouty look will never go out of style. What’s coming back , however, is a clear gloss. Clear gloss has been in and out of the fashion scene but always seems to come back when people thought it was really dead. With this clear lip plumper, you can achieve that glossy look and plump lips that make you look youthful and up to date with the trends.



Not all makeup looks require drama to make a statement and even the most mysterious looks can be enticing. No. 21 created a simple look that can be lighten or darken for any effect that can be done with the simple switch of eyeshadow collection. Another runway show look that has been successfully recreated.