Best Of The Web: Sorry For Your Loss

I hate this show. Not because it is poorly done; Sorry For Your Loss is impeccably crafted. I hate this show because I traveled to emotional places I never thought possible. It forced me to look in the mirror at my own life, especially relating to grief and depression. Every character has issues they try to face every day, just like every one of us. I connected with every part of this story and still can’t believe how real everything felt.

Leigh is trying to put her life back together after her husband’s sudden passing. She overreacts to anything she sees as a slight and takes her grief out on her family and friends. After Matt’s death, Leigh avoids anything that reminds her of him. She only remembers Matt in flashbacks, which are seamlessly placed throughout the story. Eventually, Leigh opens her heart to her family and Matt’s brother, Danny. He explains that Leigh didn’t know Matt as well as she thinks. This idea leads to her uncertainty about their past, which is the central idea of the story. Matt’s sudden death left Leigh and Danny completely uncertain about various parts of their lives. They didn’t know what he was thinking. They didn’t know if he died accidentally or willingly committed suicide. After talking to people about her husband, Leigh wasn’t even sure if she knew the real Matt. She’s only able to find peace when she finally takes a chance, spending a night in Palm Springs alone with a stranger. She makes the effort to move on from her grief; while she’ll never forget Matt, she finally realized she couldn’t let grief and heartbreak control her life.

The emotional connection I felt to this story was unnerving. I felt Leigh’s vulnerability every time she lost her cool. I understood the courage it took to put on a happy face when everything inside was the opposite. In her flashbacks, I remembered how wonderful it was to reminisce about the best days spent with loved ones. While the details are different, my experiences with grief were eerily similar to what Leigh dealt with. No matter the circumstances, the feelings associated with loss are relatable for everyone. Sorry For Your Loss was an illustration of exactly how it feels to lose someone you love.

The character of Matt is a powerful, cautionary tale. According to every character, Matt was a kind, dedicated person who always put others first. He helped Leigh’s sister in her battle with substance abuse and always did the right thing for his wife, even if his mind was elsewhere. Matt was diagnosed with depression in college and never shared his thoughts with anyone besides his therapist. While he was always helping anyone he could, no one was there to help him when he needed it most. When he achieved his dream of getting his comic book published, he realized it didn’t make him happy. In that moment, Matt decided his life was no longer worth living. Everyone reading this knows someone like Matt. A person that is always willing to help, no matter the circumstances. Matt’s story might have ended differently if someone gave him the helping hand he needed. We can all aid the people in our lives, even if they don’t ask.

The timing of important facts was very effective as well. While we know Matt died, we don’t find out how he died until episode five. Once we realize how uncertain the details were, we can grasp how difficult Leigh’s recovery was. We also learn about Matt’s depression in episode five. This is a valuable nugget that helps us understand why he took his life. Instead of forcing everything down our throats, the series elegantly presented the facts in a smooth fashion.

I said earlier that I hate this series. I lied. Sorry For Your Loss is a moving, uncomfortably real experience. I wept, I laughed, and was with Leigh through every stage of her grief. I connected with her uncertainty, especially when she heard conflicting tales of the man she married. While Leigh knew her husband, it was painful to see her wonder if he was different than she remembered him. Even in a story about heartbreak, the beautiful moments Matt and Leigh shared were incredibly touching. We lived with Leigh and Danny throughout their recovery process and felt their pain vividly. There is pain, sadness, laughter, joy, and everything in between. I loved every moment of this series and can not recommend it enough. It was a masterpiece in every way.