Best Of The Web: Justice Woman

The city is under attack. The attorneys and judges can’t be trusted. Who could possibly save the city? Why, none other than Sofia Escala, Justice Woman.

Sofia Escala is obsessed with justice. While her friends were out partying, she was working towards her career as an attorney. Now, she’s an assistant district attorney aiming to prosecute high-level criminals in defense of public safety. Unfortunately for her, every one of her superiors is involved with the criminals they are supposed to be prosecuting. She’s stuck with low-level, petty crimes like shoplifting and DUI. In her spare time, she makes it her mission to get the justice she so dearly craves.

The main plotline of the show is about finding justice for a wrongly convicted man, Jesus Lopez. The Chief District Attorney, Brent Renard, and presiding judge are both involved with evidence tampering to set up Lopez for a felony charge. While convictions are great for her firm, Sofia sees these men as the criminals they are and investigates the case in secrecy. During these investigations, she puts on her Justice Woman costume along with her sidekick Roberta, who dresses in eccentric drag. While their investigative skills are strong, they wind up getting in arguments while hidden, nearly exposing themselves. Sofia and Rob feed anonymous information to police, resulting in Renard’s arrest for evidence tampering and give actual justice to Lopez; they give power to the powerless.

Sofia finds leads throughout the series in order to get justice for Mr. Lopez. She finds his wife’s address and his employer and does the job of the police. She’s outraged at the miscarriage of justice that surrounds the case. The show highlights how lawyers and judges manipulate the system for personal gain. It’s an important topic that isn’t publicized enough.

My favorite part of the show is the interactions between Sofia and Rob. They work together in the same office and have various conversations that end up related to sex. Whether it involves a submarine sandwich or padded underwear in her costume, they make each other laugh and smile frequently. Their acting is also at its best when they share the camera. Sofia and Rob feed off each other’s energy in several shared scenes, resulting in the funniest moments of the show.

The production is excellent and varied. They shoot scenes from high and low angles, still and moving frames, and even follow angled perspectives. The variation makes every shot fresh and gives a feeling of realism I haven’t experienced from any other web series on YouTube. The sound is crisp and clear, and there are no editing mistakes at all. The show also includes comic-style editing, which is especially enjoyable for a comic book nerd like me. They pay homage to vintage comics by inserting bright colors with a block quote as a transition. Along with her costume, the production is very knowledgeable about the comic book style.

The story also touches on sexual harassment in the workplace. Sofia seems to be the only person in her office that knows Rob is gay. He doesn’t feel comfortable telling anyone else because it is “career suicide.” The two other women in the office are very interested in Rob, which results in some seriously cringeworthy scenes. Ruby, an older woman, rubs her backside on his crotch and pushes her cleavage into his face. While they mention how awkward it makes Rob feel, they don’t really go deep enough into the negative effects sexual harassment has on everyone, especially the victim.

One character in particular, Kevin, is troublesome. He is portrayed as a spoiled, rich guy, who only has his position at the firm because of family connections. Kevin is also southern, though his accent varies between hillbilly and depression-era mobster. While he is clearly depicted as the obnoxious, typical lawyer-type, Sofia is the only one who pushes back against him. When Kevin refers to Sofia as “senorita” several times, Rob begs Sofia to not fight back. Eventually, Sofia has enough and argues incessantly with Kevin about how inappropriate he is, which was an epiphany for me. Sofia found her own personal justice against Kevin’s disrespect.

Justice Woman is an empowering experience against the crooked upper-class. While Rob is hesitant to upset the apple cart, Sofia realizes that justice is the most important thing, especially for an aspiring attorney. Rob and Sofia made me laugh, smile, and shake my head disapprovingly at times. The show engages in sexual harassment, racism, and sexism effectively and responsibly. I would like a deeper dive into the toxic workplace, and the effects it has on Sofia and especially Rob. Justice Woman is a powerful, funny series that I will suggest to any of my friends.