Best Of The Web: Twenty

Twenty follows the day to day life of Maya, a young woman living in Los Angeles who deals with dating troubles, family issues, and everything in between. The show is very realistic and relatable; regardless of who you are, Maya’s endeavors are problems everyone of every background has dealt with. Twenty is a funny, emotional adventure that I truly enjoyed embarking upon.

Maya is the main character in the series, and seems to be the only person with any sensibility in her group of friends. She is always available to give her friends advice whenever they need it. Maya is a struggling musician, working as a dog walker for a music producer to try and get into the industry. She is a responsible woman that is an admirable character in a series full of oddballs, and she frequently finds herself in awkward situations, usually because of her friend Tina.

Tina, Maya’s childhood friend is the real star of the show. She is a quirky, impressionable woman that ends up in places you’d never even thought about. For example, Tina tells Maya that she is now the proud owner of 17 snow globes. When Maya asks how she ended up with them, she admits that she had sex with the Ecuadorian street vendor named Ricardo. Tina is an impulsive train wreck that consistently puts Maya in precarious situations. She sets up a Saturday date day for Maya and invites someone who identifies as a he/him lesbian and several women that Maya doesn’t click with. Tina provides the funniest moments in the series and lightens up every scene she’s in. Tina is my favorite of Maya’s friends.

The dialogue of the show is my favorite part. The conversations between characters never feel forced or too over the top. I was able to connect with all the interactions between Maya and the random people she encounters. The timing is very focused, with no wasted time or uncomfortable pauses. Every character speaks and acts like someone in their early 20s; they’re slightly overconfident and spontaneous. No one is afraid of taking chances or scared of the future. In other words, each actor plays their role accurately and effectively and their interactions brim with authenticity.

Ridiculous characters like Tina and Hector, or River as he prefers, made me laugh in every scene they were in. A fighting couple, Charles and Victoria, fight constantly, which drives their libido and usually ends in aggressive makeout sessions in front of complete strangers. The show pokes fun at yoga, cooking, and balding middle-aged men. Every double date Maya goes on somehow ends up awkward and hilarious. The humor is varied and always fresh.

Maya does a really accurate job of portraying how difficult dating can be. Her interactions during a speed dating session show how nerve-wracking and uncomfortable strangers can be when they first meet. Even during the good dates, there are still moments where Maya loses her cool temporarily, which is something everyone has experienced. I was able to feel Maya’s skin crawling when her dad introduces her to his girlfriend, who is the same age as Maya. The dating scenes were eerily accurate, another highlight of the show’s realism.

While I greatly enjoyed the show, I would suggest a bit more focus on Maya. Tina and Maya’s other friends are all unique and enjoyable; however, Maya is the most important person on the show. I feel like I know more about most of her friends than I do about her. When Maya falls in love, we don’t learn anything important about her or her new girlfriend. When they break up, we barely get a shrug from her. Maya is an engaging character that leads the story. Why don’t I know what kind of music she likes? Or what her hobbies are? In reality, I don’t really know much at all about her character, aside from being Tina’s role model and her favorite kinds of candy. In the future, I would like a closer focus on Maya’s life and interests.

Twenty is an exceptional series full of smart dialogue and expert production. The characters are varied, and each bring their own personal touch to every interaction. While Tina is my favorite character, Maya and the rest of her friends are all engaging and relatable. The writing is intelligent and focuses around problems most 20-something people actually deal with in their lives. There were moments that I laughed at so much that I had to pause the show. I truly enjoyed Twenty from start to finish and look forward to their future seasons. I would recommend watching this series, no matter who you are or what you like. This show is for everyone.