Best Of The Web: Twenty

            Twenty is a web series centered around the life of Maya, a ‘twenty something year old’ lesbian who is just trying to gain traction both in her love life and career—aren’t we all at that age. Maya, played by Lily Richards, who is also the director/writer for the web series perfects the balance of sarcasm and dry humor. I truly don’t know how I never heard about this web series until now, but better late than never I suppose. This show displays all types of women, from different ethnic backgrounds, different sexualities, with an array of personalities; it's the ultimate cocktail.

            The first episode is entitled “Threesome”. It bombards the audience with one of the most unsettling dinner guests they have ever seen. Maya’s friends, Victoria and Charles come over for what seems like wine, cheese, and good conversations. They are portrayed as your average bougie LA friends at first, appalled because she doesn't own a decanter for the wine; Charles even jokingly says, “We’ll be a trio of barbarians”. And this was the best part of the evening, soon after, the couple is shoving brie and red wine down Maya’s throat in an attempt to help unleash her sexual inhibitions; thinking it’s working, Charles goes right for the kill and asks for a threesome, only he says, “I would like to penetrate you”—assuming she would acquiesce because she’s a “lonely” lesbian. Maya says no and then like any good friend put in that situation tries to reach out to Victoria; asking her what’s going on. Charles only selected Maya because she looked like his ex and Victoria found his thought process behind it to be sexy. But it seemed like Victoria just wanted to make her man happy—and he was a little to use to getting his way; this was made evidently clear as he interrupted their conversation by emerging naked from Maya’s room with nothing but her teddy bear to hide his man-parts.  Let’s just say this threesome never came to fruition.

            The next episode the audience gets to dive more into Maya’s background story. We find out that her father loves dating women half his age; Maya seemed to have more in common with his new girlfriend then him. I don't know what’s more uncomfortable, being the same age as your dad’s new girlfriend, or sharing the same friends from high school. We also find out that Maya is a singer/songwriter/guitarist and works for a big time music producer—I mean she walks her dog, but that's a start. And like every parent who can’t hide their lack of approval, her dad emphasizes that she is simply a dog walker. After that gruesome lunch, Maya decides to go out with Tina, her very weird and quirky friend, for a night on the town—weird meaning she buys 17 snow globes in exchange for sex with a street vendor and calls it a business move. Only she couldn't find Tina, she did happen to come acroos Charles and Victoria however, and as she tried to steer clear from that couple she ran into a Peruvian beauty, Catalina. While they were dancing and kissing, Victoria and Charles were waist deep into a very public fight; he blamed her for the threesome fail and left her in tears. Like any real friend Maya had no choice but to comfort Victoria, after she secured Catalina’s number of course—she isn’t stupid now.

            All heroines don’t wear capes, some wear jean jackets. Like most people in their twenties, Maya is a master at multi-tasking. She consoled Victoria, day dreamed about Catalina, and even worried about Tina, who seemed to be missing since last night. When she finally called Maya back, it was only because she needed a ride, as she was stranded in the Mojave Desert after an Uber ride gone wrong. After a night of bad decisions and unprotected sex, Maya felt like it was her duty to ask her friend when was the last time she was tested—always a smart conversation to have. The car ride back home, gave us a little more insight behind this awkwardly matched duo. Apparently Tina’s mom use to be with Maya’s dad, and when her mom died, Tina was affected the most, i.e. a slew of unprotected sex misguided even further by the rationale borrowed from Sam, Sex and the City’s most promiscuous character. All in all, Tina is lucky to have a friend looking out for her with no judgment—we all need that kind of person in our corner. They may disagree on a lot but are still able to unconditionally love and support one another.

            This web series is quite addictive to say the least; written by women, produced by women, centered around women—like I said the perfect cocktail. Each episode is less than 10 minutes long, so it would be easy to binge and still catch up to season 2 with everybody else. Twenty is very well written; it tugs on the audience’s emotions so nonchalantly you would never know you’re hooked until it’s too late. I’d recommend this to all my girlfriends, it’s about women supporting women—and that I am always here for. Watching this web series sparks my excitement for the next generation of women, both straight and gay; there are so many media outlets and platforms like Twenty that are showcasing strong women living in their Truths and simply being enough—a message I can get behind.