Burberry Spring/Summer 2019


The first part of Riccardo Tisci’s collection was a discrete collection with earthy tones, marked waist, knee-length skirts. But the very formal, not very original workwear style changed during the second part of the show. More thought-provoking, we saw pieces with transparency, ruffles, polka dots, scarpins with white socks, and golden fringes make their entrance to the runway. All the looks from the first part of the show were ready to be used at the office. Like the laced strap blouse with brown leather skirt, the outfits were undoubtedly elegant, but if you’re looking for something with more personality, you’ll probably need to incorporate something else with Tisci’s outfits. However, he had a shift of tone with more creative looks that were equally ready-to-wear without lacking in character. The black balloon skirt with blazer and scarpin-and-socks outfit was outstanding. A fresh look at traditional items in an inspired ensemble that works for street style. The red vinyl coat was also worth our attention. Modern, bold, yet chic—as the sophistication of Burberry allows.