Byblos Spring/Summer 2019


This collection was inspired by the hippie, as well as Nevada’s desert vibe of the Burning Man Festival. Futuristic and a little costume-like, as festival fashion permits, the collection had numerous outfits with fringes, metallics, oversized jean jackets, and cropped tops. Even if you’re not heading to a festival, Byblos presented interesting looks to different styles. The mini dress with a plunging neckline and fringes in rose and blue tones was a nicely done sunset-inspired party dress. The metallic dress with mirror effects was also an inviting piece. Even while presenting fun alternatives to a more upbeat style with fringes, metallics, and plunging necklines, Byblos explored this idea excessively. Neon eyeshadows complemented various looks. The accessories were fanny packs and semi-rimless bike sunglasses. Ankle boots with some volume and boots with fringes made the desert festival inspired collection. Actually, volume was the main theme of the spring collection. Volume from the fringes, bomber jackets, and even shoes created a bold assemblage.