Christopher Kane Spring/Summer 2019


With armor-like bodices, Kane presented a powerful and sexy collection. Looking edgy at first, Kane’s looks had the empowered women in mind, unafraid of wearing slicked back hair and jewel tones. Impactful, the pieces didn’t have layers or too much volume: instead, the colors and textures commanded the style. Not only the bodices had an armor-like inspiration, but the looks also had a provocative confidence to it. One of the best outfits seen was the sexy midi dress in lace and armor-like bodice with rhinestones finished with bright red heels. Essentially, the style is  Joan D’Arc meets Madonna. The high-waisted jeans with running sneakers and blouse with bulky jewels as adornment was a creative inspiration for any street style. The most romantic item in Kane’s collection was a nude pleated skirt that balanced the structure of the armor-bodice in black. But if the impact of the ensembles is easily transported from runway to our style, it’s due to the balance, in all outfits, of assembling rigid shapes with feminine details like lace, for example. However, Kane’s spring/summer is not something to take to the beach.