Daizy Shely Spring/Summer 2019


Daizy Shely brought to the runway a Lolita-inspired collection. Bright pinks and oranges with cherries and watermelons defined a youthful collection. Ingenuously provocative, the looks were fun and vibrant. The seventies’ florals and ruffles resonate with lively style personalities. The ruffled plunging neckline jumpsuit works beautifully for a pool party as the creative red bodysuit with floral blazer. However, if a more girly style isn’t what you’re looking for, this collection probably didn’t have much to offer. In Shely’s own words: “It’s very feminine but also very rude.” If that’s what the designer was trying to accomplish, the collection was a success. At the end, the transparent dresses couldn’t be a better end to a very feminine and expressive show.