Dior Spring/Summer 2019


Maria Grazia Chiuri’s theme for Dior’s collection was “dance,” as the show notes explained: “Dance and fashion define the body and, through discipline, teach us to own it.” Even with this defined body in mind, Chiuri was true to the mobile essence of dance. Instead of sexy revealing items, she brought to the runway a collection with movement. The waist was an important aspect of the looks: some completely lacked a marked waist, highlighting the free expression of the body, while other outfits had a more defined waist without losing volume through the use of flowy skirts. In one of the most interesting ensembles, a ballet pink blazer with cropped wide-leg trousers was minimalistic and, as Chiuri does best, powerfully feminine. With most skirts and dresses at midi length, movement was synonymous with volume. Every midi length piece will come with this important aspect to it. However, that doesn’t mean that only tall women can wear them: every height can look good in midi length. These items are always worn better as high waisted, allowing your legs to not be shortened by your skirt or trousers. Even as a spring collection, the colors were more muted and neutral. The few prints didn’t pop, they were rather in harmony with the colors of the looks. But Dior’s collection wasn’t only about street style or workwear: the long dress in gold with a plunging décolletage combined the sophistication you want in a night-wear outfit with all the delicacy of spring – Chiuri is a master of creating soft outfits that are completed by the woman that wears them, becoming not only a fashion statement, but an expression of a confident goddess. Minimalism, movement, neutral and muted colors, and, most of all, Chiuri’s collection didn’t forget to present looks that can be easily worn during the warm seasons.