Escada Spring/Summer 2019


Niall Sloan’s spring is made of contrasts. Numerous outfits were seen with items contrasting in bold colors like blue and red; blue, green, and red; and yellow and fuchsia. All vibrant colors, the collection evoked the eighties not only with its hues, but also in the not very highlighted silhouette. Sloan’s women are carefree and confident. As the designer explained, his collection was inspired by the very appealing return of eighty’s nostalgia to fashion. The show started with a look that carried Escada’s thematic for the collection in a well-distributed outfit: fuchsia pencil skirt, bumblebee blazer, and the accessories were a forest green handbag and pink and green shoes. Even using all these colors in their daring versions, Sloan appealed to the likability of value contrast. When using contrasting colors, they all look more vibrant, and, as in Sloan’s look, the already bold colors dialogue with each other: between pink and green, the most contrasting colors in the outfit, we have yellow that is closer to green in the color wheel but not so far from pink shades. A beautiful use of colors that made it possible for an edgy look to be appealing enough to inspire us. Another great example of this ready-to-wear collection was the appearance of an oversized blazer. In yellow, green, and pink (all pastels), the look could almost be too formal for the theme, but it was finished with sneakers in the same colors as the blazer – an ensemble seen in different collections for 2019’s summer. If your style is very formal or minimalist, Escada didn’t bring a lot of excitement, but Sloan’s color dominance was flawless.