Fendi Spring/Summer 2019


“The name of the show is GP — giant pockets,” said Karl Lagerfeld. And, indeed, almost every look had big pockets – some more pronounced, others well blended in the colors or prints of the pieces. If big pockets make us think about functionality, Lagerfeld didn’t disappoint. Except for two dresses at the end of the show, the collection was functional and had great options for office wear. In a more formal note, the leather brown blazer with pleated brown skirt and orange belt (with different sizes of pockets) incorporated the essential item of the collection —pockets—in a wearable look. With a loose silhouette, the orange color-block skirt and blouse with bag and heels was one of the few outfits lacking pockets but didn’t miss the modern and sophisticated Lagerfeld signature. However, if the collection was a success full of copy-worthy outfits in a more modern workwear style, when seen as a whole, we couldn’t understand the collection as being for the spring/summer seasons. The exceptions were the last two looks to enter the runway. Transparent dresses with floral embroidery without pockets were light and elegant with a fun touch in the shoes: pink and green. If not for these two ensembles, the collection reminded of a great fall/winter collection (it had a long brown coat with fur as the antecedent to the two dresses): the end of winter and beginning of spring. Heavy fabrics like denim and leather and an extensive use of brown didn’t bring a spring or summer characteristic to Fendi’s collection, unfortunately.