Francesca Liberatore Spring/Summer 2019


From white, to red-blue-green, and ending in black, Liberatore invented a true circle of life in her fashion collection. The first looks have a more rigid silhouette, with a stylish formal characteristic in the use of shirts and knee length skirts. Slowly the looks are gaining life and movement with a mix of prints, ruffles, and non-marked waist dresses. With the introduction of reds, the collection transitions to what we can see as the “blooming.” These outfits are full of textures and prints, with a touch of seriousness to them with thick belts on the waist or a slip dress juxtaposed by leggings and a top. This look was very creative as a transition ensemble: the red was muted, even slightly darker (almost brown), and had its interesting textures from the leggings and top. With vibrant blues, as if of the cloudless skies that announce the summer, the following outfits were elegant but a little more modern. Geometrical prints in a beautiful fabric that contributed the movement of the piece started not to look more fun. Again, the transition looks between blue and green were seen in the items with a softer value of blue. In the green portion of this collection, we saw an astonishing office-ready ensemble: a blue and yellow bodice, with blazer and skirt in green and yellow with the same geometrical prints. The belt is also thick, but here it’s nude. A gorgeous summer look to incorporate your colorful style into workwear. In a casual and fashionable collection, the cocktail dress revealed on the runway was a lovely representation of what spring can be. In a darker shade of green and velvet fabric, the dress had the upper body in the structure of a bodice, and a pleated skirt that still had some movement without being considered too delicate. The collection ended with the announcement of the first chill air of fall with a coat/dress in black and white, now in a two-dimensional geometrical print. All in all, the collection was coherent, with collection that had stylish options for different occasions.