Miu Miu Spring/Summer 2019


Miuccia Prada’s collection theme was “deconstructing beauty.” However, less a deconstruction of beauty and more blurred lines between pretty and ugly is what Prada’s show turned out to reveal. She wanted to present a modern collection with some “DIY” inspiration to invent new looks for your own personal touch to clothing. Prada embraced imperfection and her collection was truly interesting and exciting. She mixed pieces that could come from the bottom of your wardrobe like a sand cardigan and paired it with a jean midi-skirt, a silver necklace and brown handbag; you have a modern-looking style composed of “recycled” items. The feeling that some forgotten items can be “recycled” is very clever. A blazer, snakeskin-print pencil skirt, and red sheer shirt seem like something you’d never consider mixing, but they create an astute reappropriation of your own closet. Embracing this spirit, a purple cardigan can look modern and creative when worn with black, high-waisted shorts and knitted vest, with a bold purple shirt underneath. “Dare to wear it!” is Prada’s message to all of us that think that an outfit needs to be worn with the same pieces over and over again.  Original and attractive, Miu Miu’s spring collection was the best fashion motivational collection seen.