Moschino Spring/Summer 2019


“All I have to show is my sketches,” Jeremy Scott said, somewhat self-mockingly.  It’s not entirely a joke: what we saw was sketches coming to life on the runway. A fun and youthful visual ode to fashion, this collection even had room for a sewing tape outfit. Very conceptual, most looks were a little edgy and distracting from the ready-to-wear idea—closer to fashion entertainment than “grab and wear it.” For those who like to sneak behind the curtains of the fashion world, the white dress with printed fashion sketches and bulky necklace and ring is elegant and has a lot of personality. If scribbles sound fun and you’d like to wear something also chic and sexy, the first outfit is all of that in black and white with an elegant scribbled flattened boater hat. The white dress with scribbles in green, yellow, and blue is an option to wear when you need something to deliver the message that you’re unafraid to express your creative side. Considering all of the looks, the most creative and successful one was definitely the sewing finger guard dress: gorgeous, extravagant, and red carpet-ready, this dress was the best creation inspired by fashion. Fun and artistic, the collection was amusing with a few looks that we can incorporate into our style.