Oscar de La Renta Spring/Summer 2019


Red carpet, royal, and extremely elegant aren’t enough to describe Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia’s collection. They found in their summer vacation plans inspiration for the summer collection. Italy, Croatia, India, and Marrakech were on their minds as they thought of where their muse would be during her next days off, exploring the world. Evening gowns, summer weddings, yacht parties, street style—all occasions were checked off in Kim and Garcia’s collection. Every look was extremely sophisticated and well-developed, and can be easily worn by women that always want to dress well and feel (and look, of course) gorgeous. One of the simplest outfits is the black and white blouse and white trousers, comfortable enough to explore the streets of a new city without lacking in style. If a party is in your plans, the long, white dress with fringes and jewel jade-green blazer is an astonishing outfit. With the trendy contrast we’ve been seeing in other summer collections, here it isn’t overpowering; just a complement to make a white dress summer-look more interesting and elegant. But that’s not the only trendiness we saw in de La Renta’s collection. Kim and Garcia also had a few garments with oversized sleeves. The oversized shirt in white and gold was a nice surprise. Seen before in other collections, the oversized sleeves looked edgy or even something that wouldn’t work in an elegant outfit. But this shirt worn with yellow trousers can remind us of items to carry when traveling that blend comfort and style to produce a look for people with an open mind for trends. In summary, it worked. My personal favorite was the plunging neckline golden long-dress that walks the line between red carpet and summer nights when we want to look simply fabulous.