Prabal Gurung Spring/Summer 2019


Colorblocking and relaxed silhouettes were the main theme in this energetic collection. It’s impossible not to feel positive after seeing all those colors, movement, and prints: the collection is truly summer-y. Without variety in workwear, the yellow and purple skirt with a pink blouse could be a good casual outfit to wear at the office, as well as the blue and red plaid blazer and trousers set. This last ensemble was the most well-built workwear seen in this collection. In the purple garments section, the geometrical dress in purple and pink creates a creative movement of lines that dialogue with the movement from the relaxed silhouette and make a great street style outfit. The bold green long dress was a great mix of athletic-wear and street style. This combination is one of the trends for next summer and this look can be worn to a more casual occasion when you want to wear a bold color to cheer you up. One of the most attractive garments was the skirt in white, blue, red, and pink. A flowy hemline with all the fun and joy this collection had to offer.