Roberto Cavalli Spring/Summer 2019


Paul Surridge’s collection had a hottrend for summer 2019 in a good number of outfits: Bermuda shorts. With oversized blazers and dresses, the Bermuda shorts by Surridge weren’t only borrowed from athletic-wear: some had embroidery or prints that made them belong smoothly to the looks. As we saw in other collections, you can transform any outfit that you’re worried about the length of with Bermuda shorts. However, if most Bermuda shorts still look like something you were wearing at the gym yesterday, Surridge’s originality was in truly incorporating the Bermuda shorts into the outfit. The best examples are the ensembles where we see Bermuda shorts and blazer set. They’re the same fabric, follow the same color palette, and don’t look anything like a gym item with embroidery details. If Bermuda shorts are part of your next outfit, Surridge also gave us ensembles that are effortlessly glamorous. The metallic mini-dress with Bermuda shorts in silver was a great look to copy for night wear. But the most glamorous outfit was probably the caramel plunging neckline dress with an embroidered bodice. In a neutral color, the dress is gorgeous without standing in the way of your beauty. A great collection with an original use of trends.