Stella McCartney Spring/Summer 2019


One of the trends for spring 2019, seen in various collections, is volume. With a good influence from the eighties and nineties, volume can be created with textures, prints, oversized garments, etc. Following the volume formula, all of McCartney’s outfits had something extra in them. A shirt and trousers in tie-dye, a mini dress in a texturized fabric and oversized sleeves, and cargo pants are examples of McCartney’s over looks. Almost all her dresses looked feminine and could be used during summer leisure time. The blue mini dress with zipper details could even be worn at night for a fun yet elegant look. The textured orange colorblocking blouse and oversized pants was another great ensemble. It has depth, and it’s cleverly composed all in orange to express boldness without suppress the look – colorblocking can be a good option for vibrant colors because instead of creating a contrasting outfit with white, black, or other colors, the entire outfit looks elegant and focuses on one unique concept: the color. The downsides of the collection were the cargo pants paired with volumized garments, as well as the two long dresses. Cargo pants are a fashion statement and need to be carefully used with garments that make it shine instead of creating a shapeless silhouette that was too baggy because of the oversized sleeves. The mint and metallic gowns were a little off. Instead of looking whimsical and elegant, they were closer to nightgowns without any juxtaposition or accessories.