The Blonds Spring/Summer 2019


Power, control, success, money: name your desire and there will be a Disney villain that went too far in the pursuit of it. For the villain that lives in all of us, The Blonds created a collection inspired by Cruella de Vil, Maleficent, the Evil Queen, the Queen of Hearts, and Ursula. Bold, like a villain always is, the collection was fun, upbeat, and had an explosion of metallic bodysuits and corsets, plus some vinyl items. If nighttime is when you embrace your power and dare to wear your fishnet tights with extremely high heels, you can find some garments to incorporate into your style. Vinyl pants with embroidered corset, a black and gold bodysuit, and a neon coat with leather jacket were some edgy items that looked so good that they almost tricked us: wonderful villain costumes for those with an edgy style but not at all a ready-to-wear collection. Among all these strong personalities, if you’re a Disney fan, you will probably want the Ursula t-shirt that would look “villaintastic” with high waisted black jeans (without feathers).