Tod’s Spring/Summer 2019


With numerous leather garments, Tod collection’s assured an “Italian attitude.” And Tod delivered beautiful items and outfits that could easily transport you to the streets of Italy. A strong garment seen was leather shorts. Leather in neutral colors is a trend for spring; here we see the fabric in shorts with blouses that create casual looks with sophistication. Another stylish ready-to-wear garment was the leather blazer. A great item to wear inside the office or cooler places during spring that adds a leather item to your look that can have fresher colors: as Tod suggested, with a white shirt and blue printed pants. Another good garment to steal from the runway was the salmon-pink leather pants that, when worn with moccasins, composes a wonderfully casual look that can be paired with a button-up shirt or a blouse. Overall, the collection was pretty interesting with practical garments, but the actual outfits were a little simple or too heavy for the vacation feeling proposed.