Tom Ford Spring/Summer 2019


“I think fashion has gone as far as it can possibly go into the irony world. It’s in danger of making so much fun of itself that it’s going to be hard to pull it back and to pull the consumer back,” observed Ford. Renouncing fun for glamour, elegance, and formality, the collection was all in neutral colors and interesting textures. The outfits had a lean silhouette and a mix of soft fabrics or colors and heavy textures, fabrics, and garments. Jackets, for example, and limited soft spring items like blouses or dresses composing a collection that could be described as lively constraint. Looks with the perfect balance between leather, blazers, jackets, and other grounding garments and light items or details. A great example of this equilibrium is the women's tuxedo set in black with a satin pink collar. All of the geometrical décolletage garments are glamorous sexy outfits in fabrics that balance their geometrical strictness with light reflecting fabrics, adding freshness to the look. Another highlight was the hair accessory, which looks effortlessly chic.