Valentino Spring/Summer 2019


“I wanted to get the dream of couture, getting the fantasy into reality,” said Valentino. Marrying the concept of dreams coming true and freedom with his inspiration from early 20th-century artists who populated the Maverick Art Colony in a little place in upstate New York called Woodstock served as a creative foundation for his collection. Lace, feathers, ballooning silhouettes and colorful prints made Valentino’s spring. With few workwear looks, the black ruffled blouse with wide trousers and blazer set was an elegant and classic option to everyone. And, if your style accommodates color and bolder casual wear, the colorful jumpsuit with a coat with brown sandals and hoop earrings is a great look. For fashionable spirits, the black pleated skirt and oversized-sleeves white blouse finished with a bulky belt and flat sandals is the right proportion of classy and boldness. All of the crisp white garments were very chic summery options. For nightwear, the pleated dress has a tad of sexiness because of the plunging neckline, but stands out more for its maroon color. A great outfit to wear during weekends and vacation is the over-the-shoulder green and brown mini dress. And, if you want a whimsical dress to embrace the fairy queen in you, the sheer nude long dress mixes femininity and exuberance in one look.