Versace Spring/Summer 2019


“She is always THAT woman. The one who is never afraid.” That’s Donatella Versace’s muse for her spring collection. A mix of prints, colors, mini lengths, and sheer composed a collection for the woman that likes to be seen—to own her style. All mini dresses by Versace are sexy and modern, her knee length dresses have a mix of prints or are in vibrant colors, and her jackets were colorful and fun in orange tones. All this gleeful spring collection had a strong celebratory appeal but almost no workwear options. The orange jacket with red and blue blouse and colorful striped pencil skirt is an example of daring workwear for spring days. Not so bold, the black blazer with black printed pencil skirt and red and blue handbag is another example of Versace’s ideas for workwear. If the looks seemed limited to specific styles, the garments can be incorporated by everyone who wants some fearlessness in their outfits.