Zimmermann Spring/Summer 2019


Feminine, elegant, and young, with an art deco touch, made Zimmermann’s collection. The first looks seem to represent the Sun. Power, nobility, royalty, all attributes of solar personalities in a few outfits. With some art deco reference, these outfits are sexy and exude confidence. The brown skirt with white shirt and yellow heels can create all of this Sun greatness into a great street style look. With a retro vibe, the collection also shows a pop of color with bright red garments. The blazer and trousers set with ruffled white shirt is an ensemble for days when you want to look elegantly flamboyant. When the Sun comes down, Zimmermann’s mini dress in scalloped lace gold is astonishingly powerful and sexy. A beautiful collection with a flirty retro feeling that can conquer your style.