Hermes Spring/Summer 2019


Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski’s collection was in praise of summer sports: equestrian and regatta. A variety of leather outfits that, in accordance with the theme, worked for a spring collection. One of the most interesting looks was the brown leather midi skirt with black top: modern, minimalistic, and elegant – also, very easy to copy into your style. The pastel-yellow short jumpsuit was also modern and charming, as a weekend outfit should be. The gray and burgundy midi dress was a good inspiration for casual office-wear. Teeming with workwear ensembles ready-to-wear, the collection had a few charming looks that are lighter and modern to wear during your days off, and also had mini dresses in leather with gorgeous geometrical patterns that created some depth to the traditional leather mini dress. Even using neutrals and leather, the collection followed the theme proposed and was sophisticated without being heavily formal.  All-white looks reminded one of sunny regatta days without losing the urban aspect that can make the outfits wearable during weekdays: like the white blazer with shorts that couldn’t be more summer-y. One of the best things seen was the smart use of a pastel green in four looks that didn’t seem too delicate, since they were all in structured fabrics that made the color seem softer and even muted.