J. W. Anderson Spring/Summer 2019


“I wanted something a little bit more bohemian, a bit of a celebration of fashion through texture, something that had a kind if fluidity to it, a patchwork somehow,” said Anderson about his collection. Known for creating unisex collections, Anderson explored a more feminine aspect of spring in a casual and folksy spring/summer 2019 runway show. Scarf hemlines added movement to the loose silhouette, juxtaposition created volume, and the mix of textures added depth to the outfits. However, one of the downsides of the collection was the use of oversized sleeves. With the intention of adding volume and incorporating a trend, Anderson wasn’t very clever when using oversized sleeves in outfits like the oversized dress shirt and black and white trousers, for example. Instead of a ready-to-wear look, it became a little off and the mix wasn’t bohemian or elegant. Another negative aspect was the macramé overlays. Textures was one of Anderson’s concepts for the collection, but the outfits with macramé didn’t dialogue with the other items and even seemed like a failed translation of an item from beach style to street style. The use of macramé in the knees of some trousers didn’t work in any of the outfits; it’s very difficult to incorporate such a bold texture like macramé into a modern and urban style. Even with a few mistakes in the texture and wrong use of oversized garments, Anderson had a couple of outfits that can be considered ready-to-wear. One of the best options was the black dress with beige trousers: the right mix of volume and oversized items. The rose scarf hemline dress with white textured collar detail and black trousers was a good use of textures and volume – if only all of the looks had this right proportion, the collection would be more interesting. Other looks, if you change a few aspects or items they could actually work. Overall, good ideas without a perfect execution.