Li Ning Spring/Summer 2019


The brand is named after its founder, Li Ning, a Chinese Olympics athlete—and this collection was centered around the year 1982, when Li Ning won seven gold medals. Sportswear focused, the brand presented a good debut with wonderful street style eighties nostalgia. Bodysuits with high waisted, and wide-legged trousers are a good example of how the brand mixed their essence, sportswear, with a strong street style ready-to-wear collection. The white, yellow, and orange geometrical print bodysuit is paired with white trousers and if worn with sneakers (as it was on the runway) is a comfortable weekend look; but if you replace the sneakers for heels, for example, you’ll have a casual workwear option. The three dresses in white, purple, and neon green are all an effortless stylish look for leisure. Not only garments deserved our attention, but also the sneakers. As a brand with an athlete as its founder, the sneakers not only look good to take on a run, but they all had a strong 80s influence with vibrant colors details. And, if you want to take to the street the trendy “ugly” sneakers with street style, these by Li Ning aren’t so ugly and look super comfortable. In general, Li Ning’s debut couldn’t be better and gave us a lot to copy— and it even motivated us to head to the gym.