Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2019


If you look at all of the outfits from this collection side-by-side, you could mistake yourself for being at a botanical garden in May. Vibrant and pastels, ruffles (a lot of them), volume, and a self-assured collection that is surprisingly urban. We often hear that designers want to create apparel for women unafraid of their femininity and powerful personality. However, this is a difficult goal to achieve – some collections become too delicate and lack in confidence, others are powerful but incorporate femininity as a synonym with sexiness. Jacobs’ goal was to master both sides of this modern botanical queen: straightforward grace. With a variety of wonderful monochromatic looks with high-waist skirts and blouses in yellow and rose, for example, and a lavender skirt and blazer set for workwear, this collection explored colors and volumes that are known for being delicate, but here they all look daring and with a lot of character. The ruffles are a good example: if most of the ruffled dresses and blouses seem too volumized to be worn, the concept can be adapted with smaller ruffles. Although, if you’re the powerful natural force Jacobs is targeting, find the right occasion to wear the black mini dress with ruffled collar and the mint green mini dress; both are astonishing outfits. If you like the colors and the entire idea of the collection but volume isn’t your first option, the best ensemble to inspire most styles is the pastel yellow, blue, salmon, and black blazer and trousers set worn with polka dots, a rose choker necklace, and a black hat.