Brain & Beast Spring/Summer 2019

Two Heels.jpg

Extravagant and archetypical. The idea behind Brain & Beast’s collection is that there is an intimate connection between the individual and its surroundings. Even while looking impactful at first sight, the collection wasn’t a mere show of creativity without functionality. Most of the pieces can be worn separately to create a more dramatic look. The standout was the outfit with the blue capri trousers and white ruffled shirt. It’s beautifully sophisticated without losing a modern and young touch. The green maxi dress is also a wearable option. Playing with icons and impressive accessories, Brain & Beast created a dramatic but not completely unwearable collection. A more exaggerated style can be incorporated when combined with traditional pieces. The roulette skirt with a white or black shirt can add enough character to your style. Sometimes we need a little drama to better express our fashion statements. However, the downside is that the collection doesn’t offer quick references to be copied without some adjustments.