Christian Simmon Spring/Summer 2019

Inspired by "First Summer of Love" (1967) and "Second Summer of Love" (1988-1989), Christian Simmon blended hippie and rave aesthetics. Playing with the concept of tension, Simmon combined contrasting cultures into a third fashion aesthetic. Sexy and sporty, Simmon's collection was a mix of linen, sweatshirts, double belts, silk, and jersey. The accessories worn were espadrilles, colorful sunglasses, and visor hats—the last served as the bridal veil for Simmon's bride. Colorful attires and a compilation of functional fabrics that remind one nothing of sportswear, Simmon's collection was a clever interpretation of what summer means, as well as the marriage of two different aesthetics that, even under tension, have freedom as their leitmotiv. With no intention to be formal, serious, or traditional, Simmon's woman is all about what summer has to offer in its party and sunshine side. Racy, feminine, casual, and creative, Simmon's collection proved that summer love can last as long as it's able to create a synthesis of what came before. The transparent aquamarine shirt is a provocative look that can easily be used for a night out, for example.