Daks Spring/Summer 2019

Three Heels.jpg

Bootlegs, vintage prints, mustard, oranges, wood greens, and lots of round accessories turned Daks' collection into a 70's inspired summer. With a variety of styles, from neckline dresses to beautiful blouses in yellow with a bow collar, Daks presented a collection to the woman with a passion for vintage fashion. Inspired by the English garden, according to the brand, the British Darks was loyal to the theme proposed. However, the focal point of the fashion show was the stunning hats. The wide brims presented were quite impressive. Charming, retro-inspired, and with that spring feeling overflowing from its edges, the accessory can be used at the garden, beach, or anywhere you want to suggest a chic botanical empress style. With a strong motif, Daks' runway brought some outfits that can be copied, but it didn't introduce a fresh interpretation of what this English garden could represent for the modern woman. The collection served more as an homage to the retro look than a fashion inspiration to revisit the vintage with young eyes.