Frankie Morello Spring/Summer 2019

Four And A Half Heels.jpg

Frankie Morello’s woman arrives at the runway in a spaceship. Morello’s collection is called Technology Devotion and his intention is to take all of us on a space odyssey journey. Innovative but wearable, Morello's collection is his vision of what the future means. We're not sure if the models coming out from the spaceship are astronauts or aliens; the attires are an interesting perception of how the contemporary woman can live her style without losing in personality. Black, white, blue, silver, yellow, and sacred graphics dominated the show. Morello's woman is fierce, not afraid of her individuality, and likes to incorporate some sportswear into her outfits. The white dress with black sayings with a jacket tied to the waist and ankle boots is a look to be copied in the best street style possible. If the clothing was a new look into modern fashion, the accessories were a little riskier. The pumps with details in the shoelace were an ingenious and well-developed blend of athletic and sophisticated concepts. Morello presented a strong collection on the theme of a journey to the future. For a woman who is the commandant of her spaceship, the collection had options that make a statement.