GIGI C Bikinis Spring/Summer 2019

High-cut bikinis, high-waisted, and a variety of black-and-white options, Gigi's collection was beautiful and with attention to details that came out on the sides of one piece as multiple straps or geometrical cuts. However sexy, the high-cut option that Gigi brought to the runway is not the number-one choice for a large number of Americans. It's not very comfortable to wear, it's very revealing, and most women don't feel like this type of bikini is the most flattering for their body type. But, if you intend to have more than a few pairs of bikinis or swimsuits, the high-cut's Gigi presented can be a safe investment. The colors aren't extravagant and all of them seem wearable for both lounging at the pool and actually swimming. The black long-sleeved swimsuit is a good alternative to carry in your luggage when you need an option that serves at the beach and also would be perfect if worn with pants when heading to a restaurant.