Juan Vidal MBFW Spring/Summer 2019

Juan Vidal’s theme for his collection was “normalizing female sexuality.” However, instead of abusing deep plunges, short lengths, and garments skimping on fabric, Juan Vidal composed a collection that was elegant and true to the concept of “normalizing.” Balancing the sexuality theme with prints of lingerie on office-ready pieces and night dresses, the collection had beautiful pieces that range from midi skirts to transparent dresses. Cleverly avoiding exploring sexuality with cliché garments, Juan Vidal’s collection—in black and white with some reds, oranges, and rose—proved that provocative is not always synonymous with sexuality. The first outfit to enter the runway consisted of a white shirt and trousers with heart zippers and a lacy brassiere printed on the shirt. Tasteful but wearable: a variety of ensembles were worthy of being copied. Even the daring pieces that lacked somewhat in modesty can be incorporated into your style with the appropriate top underneath. It was an invitation to discover feminine sexuality through our everyday clothes. With a few options that can be considered edgy, the overall execution of the theme proposed was a fresh look at what it means to wear your sexuality.