Krizia Robustella Spring/Summer 2019

Three And A Half Heels.jpg

“Fancy Feast” is the theme chosen by Krizia Robustella for her summer collection. Self-defined as “Sport Deluxe,” the fashion brand didn’t deceive. A banquet of prints, electric reds, and sheer tops, combined with elegant yet fun printed hats and activewear sneakers, the collection was fancy indeed in a quirky way. Bermuda shorts, capri pants, and heart-shaped glasses in a few orange and red color schemes can easily be incorporated into your street style if you appreciate a little bit of fun and comfort. The knee-length red and white dress with a printed coat and hat and red sneakers makes an interesting and elegant look with a sporty summer vibe. The “Forever Alone” top with knee-length skirt and red sneakers and hat was also a cool look to be inspired by. Undoubtedly fancy and sporty, Krizia Robustella’s collection served a variety of street style ensembles for those that like to integrate activewear to achieve a snazzy look. If you don’t think that wearing sneakers can lead to a fancy style, maybe you should try it next summer.