M1992 Spring/Summer 2019

Three And A Half Heels.jpg

Dorian Tarantini presented an interesting collection that aimed to raise awareness about the deteriorating condition of our marine environments. Words like oil and corrosion, and a muted, dark color palette with a few bright reds, were chosen to compose the summer collection. M1992 showed some elegant looks (such as the gray short dress with black ankle boots), as well as some looks that are wearable with some adjustments, such as the sheer blue shirt with white skirt that would be wearable with the addition of a strap top—or a bikini-type bra for a sexier version. All of the sleeves were oversized, reminiscent of a 90’s aesthetic. The graphic t-shirt with black mini-skirt was the youngest look seen. While most of the outfits are wearable, we didn’t see a very summer-worthy color scheme. However, we can’t complain about a collection with a variety of black-and-white looks that aren’t dull.