Sartorial Spring/Summer 2019

Two And A Half Heels.jpg

Sabàto Russo’s collection was inspired by Japanese minimalism. Mostly in neutral colors like white, khaki, and black, the collection also presented tunics in blue, olive, and yellow floral print. Sartorial’s relaxed Summer was barefoot, with no accessories, but didn’t completely lack in sensuality. Even when oversized, the fabrics allowed the exposure of the silhouette, as in the off-the-shoulder white dress that invoked a sophisticated yet sexy feeling. However, the short black dress was unique in what it revealed: it looked to be fitted enough to reveal some curves. The collection had a minimalistic aesthetic, which was Russo’s goal, and it was full of elegant options for your next summer. However, the monotone collection didn’t exactly present outfits for someone not interested in minimalism. The few bold colors weren’t enough to convince that this collection was sufficiently creative.