Sunnei Spring/Summer 2019

Two Heels.jpg

Simone Rizzo and Loris Messina’s collection was all about size. Even with heavy use of the oversized silhouette, Sunnei was able to deliver a collection that was feminine, fun, and very 90’s. The bright colors, especially yellows and oranges, were toned down by neutrals like beige, creating young looks. The thick-soled shoes complemented most of the outfits in full 90’s aesthetic. If an oversized silhouette doesn’t scare you, Sunnei had fun outfits for you. Tangerine cargo pants and white tops, navy-blue striped shirts, and long printed dresses in yellow, tangerine, and electric blue are options that can be worn without looking too teenager-y. Even if Sunnei didn’t explore concepts outside of the 90’s aesthetic, the cropped top under a fossil-gray blazer is an idea that can be worn by those wanting to add a tad of fun to their style. The overall collection was irreverent and colorful, and the oversized pieces and the 90’s inspiration gave few looks worthy of copying.