Zap_Buj Spring/Summer 2019

One Heel.png

Zap_Buj’s collection wrapped the body in several skins: our own skin, clothing, architecture, cities. . . . With this artistic purpose, Zap_Buj brought to the runway an experimental collection. A study of materials from silicone to acetate and perspex, the pieces weren’t ready to wear, but composed an artistic and creative approach to what Zap_Buj thinks about the natural-artificial landscapes. This blurred line between our bodies and our surroundings was in perspective with their collection. Made of textures, there’s no exact point where the body ends and everything else begins. A simple texture connects skin with everything someone interacts with. But, actually, skin is textured, just as everything it touches. This texture from the surroundings is what Zap_Buj made wearable in this collection. A clever idea that unfortunately didn’t produce outfits wearable outside of the runway.