AALTO Spring/Summer 2019

Three Heels.jpg

Aalto brought a celebration to women in movement to the runway. As the brand described the collection, “The gym is the new catwalk. Sport is a means of self-expression, but it is also an escape. If you race, you will only win if you accept to fail and learn.” Sportswear and a little 90’s nostalgia walked the runway. Accompanied by fabrics like silk, cotton, and even jeans, this fluidity was also seen in addition to asymmetry, juxtaposition and abstract patterns. Every single item was feminine and worthy of a woman in a rush. Even the functional sport jackets became delicate with the inclusion of puffy sleeves. The color palette was neutral with a few yellows, turquoises and bright oranges to make a pop. Aalto was very clever to bring to the runway the utilitarian and comfortable sportswear, and also to mix them in with classic pieces. Aalto created interesting looks by blending sportswear and more classic clothes, such as leggings with a button-down shirt. However, the collection inspires a more casual style, since jackets tied to the waist and hoods ask for a workout situation.