Acne Studios Spring/Summer 2019

“The life of a dancer” was the theme by Jonny Johansson for this collection. Movement was in every garment. If not always in flowy form, the leather dresses or trousers were enough to create some corrugation and the idea of non-static clothing. The 70’s also served as inspiration for Johansson; for example, the use of crochet and the toffee color palette. The life of a dancer is seen in the ballet slipper, the stretchy materials, and the bodysuits. Delicacy and strength were represented in the attires created for the contemporary dancer that Johansson dressed on the runway. Subtle grooves, red leather and details in macrame had space in the collection as well. Envisioned in four stages (rehearsal, onstage, off-duty, and evening), the collection showed how creativity and work can be interconnected. Elegant yet functional, Acne Studios’ collection presented high-waisted and bootleg trousers, chain accessories, ballet graphic t-shirts, and juxtaposition; these ideas can be copied with no problem, but the full patterned outfits can be a little edgy.