Agnes B. Spring/Summer 2019

Two And A Half Heels.jpg

The street style Agnes B. brought to the runway was inspired by daily life. Casual jumpsuits, capri pants, plus shorts and t-shirts were all seen in this runway show. In colorful combinations like pink and blue or in a more classic combination like black and white, the colors were fun enough to brighten the garments. Sneakers and hats were the primary accessories used. Nothing bold, formal, or glamorous; Agnes B. preferred to see style in the simplest, most wearable way. The woman of the collection is an everyday woman: you and me and the clothes we wear to work. Actually, according to the designers, they declare that Agnes B.’s inspiration is β€œin the streets and that the thing she likes above all, is to style clothing, particularly working clothes.” Nothing dance-floor worthy, but the outfit with the pink high-rise trouser and blue shirt in a knot is very copy-worthy. For work or for brunch with friends, this look is charming enough to break the boredom.