Alberta Ferretti Spring/Summer 2019

Three And A Half Heels.jpg

Urban, bohemian, and nomadic are words to describe the collection created by Alberta Ferretti for the contemporary woman. The brand brought to the runway coats and boots that highlighted the nomadic yet urban vibe of the show. Ferretti’s contemporary women are made for geometric patterns and handmade cardigans. The motion these pieces add to the outfit is not the only movement seen in the collection; fringes in jackets and dresses are also choices Ferretti made to evoke a more bohemian vibe. Ferretti’s free-spirited young woman has a table of styles to choose from according to her personality. From military green pants and jumpsuits to capri pants and fiery fringe mesh dresses, Ferretti demonstrated a collection that includes something for every style and every occasion. Applications were also demonstrated on the runway; a sparkling red blazer worn with a boho fringe bag was a more edgy choice, and a choice that didn’t seem part of the same show that started with military-like cargo pants. Instead of a mixture of styles in one look, Ferretti presented distinguished styles to different moods.