Aniye BY Spring/Summer 2019

Delicate and audacious. This is the description for the woman Aniye By brought to the runway. Long dresses and skirts, fringes and ruches, and a mix of colors with plenty of red and purple, Aniye By presented the collection “Try to Resist Me” as a provocation eintoned by this luminous and romantic woman on the runway. Shoes with feathers combined with purple dresses with applications and ruches seemed to almost defy us in a naughty way. Balancing the vintage with the modern, Aniye By’s style is feminine but bold—almost impossible to be refused. At least one piece should serve as a light bulb moment of daring that you need to welcome sensuality and youthfulness into your style. With looks that embellish the feminine silhouette (with the use of the glowing lurex, ruches, or fringes), Aniye By’s clothes dressed this romantic, fearless woman in an irresistible way, as promised. If the pieces seem too bold for you, one thing Aniye By proved on the runway is that every woman should have at least one ruched skirt or dress in the closet—for moments when all you need is to fascinate everyone around you.