Art School Spring/Summer 2019

One And A Half Heels.jpg

The London gender-queer fashion collective created by Eden Loweth and Tom Barratt is the expression of their own gender-fluidity. The non-binary fashion that the designers create presented trans-aware tailoring. Creative and exuberant, Art School’s fashion show was an artistic yet not very wearable summer collection. Mini-skirts, sequined sheath dresses, and slashed t-shirts composed a style that is more a use of fashion as a way to communicate ideas via performance than a ready-to-wear type of style. Diversity, boredom, and awkwardness were the statements/concepts Loweth and Barratt explored through their fashion show. The weirdness induced by the show is less a style to inspire and more a comment on our society. The end-of-the-night feeling we have when watching the runway show is a clever provocation of what these garments were when the models arrived at the party. But some pieces should be highlighted: rebellious slashed t-shirts, mini-skirts, stilettos, and the one-shoulder sequined blouse were an interesting addition to this party-ready style we see on the way back home from the runway.