For The Love Of Soaps: What Now?

Days Of Our Lives: What do you think happens when someone dies for a couple of minutes? People have been reported “out of body experiences” where they recalled their entire body overlooking the scene of their unconscious rescue in real-time. There are stories of heaven and meeting loved ones; however, the medical community stands tall in their assertion about near death experiences—it’s all in our heads. Well this week we not only get to see how DOL writers answer the question of what they think happens during a near death experience but we are also confronted with their portrayal of heaven—which turns out, is a parlor room.

In my opinion they spent too much time with Marlena’s purgatory crossroad battle. There she stood at the crossroads between heaven, hell, and her old life.  Her old friend Tony’s evil twin was waiting to con her straight into hell; Gina was there too, Hope’s evil twin sister—too many evil twins in one room if you ask me. So there they all sat, in this off-white parlor room, showing Marlena her worst and best moments. Reminding Marlena that even though she’s not perfect, many people need her to pull through; and that she did, despite Diana’s greatest efforts Marlena is alive and well. Meanwhile, Leo, Diana’s son, has not changed one but since the grand reveal of his true father—and here I thought he was redeemable. As soon as Brady didn't give him what he wanted—a seat in his company—he took whatever insider information he could muster from Brady’s phone call and went straight to the competition, Stefan DiMera—who’s a whole new man by the way, but we’ll get into that later. Leo, not knowing that Brady and Gabi are working together to take down DiMera Enterprises, gave Stefan faulty information that cost his company a new business acquisition. Stefan is pissed and out for blood—but what’s new there.

Leo isn’t the only person who can’t change, Claire is beginning to act more and more like Eve; and the fact that it took Eve half a lifetime to become the villain she is today really speaks on Claire’s character—I mean she’s too young to be this vindictive. For anyone who missed last week’s tea, Claire ratted out Hayley being at her loft to Eve. Hayley was arrested and now has 30 days to leave the country. Heartbroken JJ, who still can’t get over the fact that it’s his dad’s entire fault, suggested they get married. However, as soon as Tripp got a whiff of JJ’s plan, he immediately stepped in to play hero.  And for the life of me, I can’t understand why, perhaps he really does assume Claire’s hand in all this and wants to drive the truth out of her—he about to make her crazy show, that’s all I know, but I’m here for it.

I’m here for it all, especially the  cliffhangers at the end of the week—I have a love hate relationship with them. Who doesn't love/hate a good cliffhanger? It’s a relief to know that some people in Salem can see through the fallacy. Seems like Tripp isn’t the only person questioning the woman in his corner, John had a mysterious suspicion that it was Diana who tried to kill the love of his life. Once Diana found out that the police were going to pull prints off Marlena’s IV, she went straight to the police department—with that overused journalist lie. Right when she picked the lock in an attempt to dispose of the only evidence that revealed her true desire to get the man she loved in her youth back by any means, guess who was waiting for her? Mr. John Black himself—even I didn't see this coming.  

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The Bell Soaps: Not Such A Pleasant Surprise

The Bold and The Beautiful: The news of Caroline Spencer’s death hit hard last week and this week we are feeling the aftermath. We find out that Caroline’s death was caused by some sort of blood clot, but we don’t get many more details. We watch as everyone grieves and makes funeral arrangements and we witness a very heartfelt scene between Hope and Caroline’s son, Douglas. While the two are in the kitchen cooking together, Douglas recalls how his mother told him she’d never leave him and asks about heaven. Hope tells Douglas that her daughter is in heaven too, but they will not know what it is like unless they are there. Douglas tells Hope that he hopes Caroline and Beth meet and the two embrace as Douglas cries for his mother.

Taylor continues to push Steffy, as well as others, onto the idea that Steffy should get back with Liam. When Steffy tells Taylor that is no longer an option, Taylor decides to try and take matters into her own hands. While at Brooke’s house, Taylor insists to Ridge that Douglas needs a mother and Hope needs a child. When Ridge reminds Taylor of the fact that Hope is married, Taylor states that she believes Liam should be with Steffy and the girls. Taylor encourages Ridge to step in and push Liam to get back with Steffy. She also uses the argument that she thinks Hope should be with Thomas, that way she can be there for Douglas. Taylor’s really out here trying to rewrite everyone’s entire lives. The two begin to argue and Taylor becomes emotional. She tells him that she never stopped loving him through tears and kisses him. Ridge rejects the advance and tells her that they need to put the conversation and the kiss behind them. Little did Taylor know, Brooke saw they entire exchange and tells Taylor that while she understands emotions are running high, kissing her husband is not acceptable.

While at Spencer Publications, Bill talks to Katie about how hard Caroline’s death has been for him. It has helped him to realize how fragile life is. In another room, Sally talks about how Bill has been a rock through this and Wyatt, Liam, Justin and Donna agree. Donna begins to talk about how she would love to see Bill and Katie get back together.

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For The Love Of Soaps: We're All Damaged Goods

Days of Our Lives: Meanwhile in Salem, Claire is just beginning to show her true colors. Tripp found the lighter she had hidden underneath her jewelry box—why she decided to keep it, I would never know. Claire seems to be getting better and better at lying to Tripp and especially herself—sis always looks like she’s ready to snap when things don't go her way. Unfortunately for Hayley, she was flopped right in the middle of their dysfunctional relationship. Since JJ’s dad, Jack announced her immigration status to the entire town on live TV; she has officially become the sacrificial lamb for Jack’s mayoral candidacy, and the new face of the ‘illegal criminal’ in Salem. No one can reel Jack in now that Eve’s released his inner darkness. Is it so? Is Jack Deveraux never coming back? With the amount of bridges he’s burning, it’s only an amount of time until he crosses the line of no return.

 Crossing over boundaries seems to be a recurring theme throughout this week’s episodes as Diana daydreams the way she would kill off Marlena if she could write her own destiny. Marlena and Jack’s bond stands firm in the face of the storm named Diana—and let’s just say we are about to see where Leo gets it from. Diana definitely has something a brewing in that marvelous mind-castle of evil; she’s able to utilize the town’s outrage as a way into Marlena’s office at the hospital—all she had to do was pretend to be a reporter, no outfit change or nothing. But being able to out wit Marlena might prove to be harder than she expects, since she already came to the conclusion that Diana’s lying games are all tactics to get John all for herself. While Diana chases after John, Stefan has all eyes on Chloe. He was able to smooth talking Chloe into trying out their attraction for one another with a kiss—Stefan either has A1 game or knows how to take advantage of Chloe’s vulnerability, I’m still not sure yet. Even though I haven’t made an opinion doesn't mean Gabi and Brady haven’t. They seem to have an alliance bent on destroying Stefan DiMera. Gabi despises him for her own reasons related to her own business, GabiChic; while, Brady, on the other hand is playing his part as the jealous boyfriend.

 Sometimes the harder we try to hold on to someone, the faster they slip through our fingertips. A hard lesson to learn, but Rex is going to have to grin and bear it. Sarah already refused his very public proposal at her job, he’s been asserting all of his energy to getting her to change her mind—through Eric of course. Which probably wasn't the best move for him, considering Sarah’s true feelings towards Eric. Now that she’s admitted it to herself it’s just a matter of time until she confesses her love. If only a confession could help Hayley escape federal custody. Unfortunately for Hayley, Claire couldn't even handle a single afternoon with Hayley around Tripp, receiving his comfort; she went straight to Eve, who respected the selfishness behind Claire’s actions. She is conditioning Jack back into his old selfish ways, however with Eve stirring the ship, there’s no limit to how deep they could go. Down into the darkness together. I suppose we’ll have to wait and see.


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The Bell Soaps: Realization and Representation

The Bold and the Beautiful: The week begins with Liam receiving some brotherly advice from Wyatt. While the two are hanging out together at the cabin, Wyatt can tell that something is bothering his brother. Liam tells him how Hope wants him to go back to Steffy. Wyatt takes a moment to digest the information and then asks Liam if he agrees. Liam avoids the question and just tells Wyatt that he needs to be their for his wife. Wyatt doesn’t say much more but Liam can tell by his facial expression that Wyatt may agree with Hope. Liam eventually tells Wyatt that he is not going to abandon his marriage. 

At the end of last week, Katie invited Hope to Bikini Bar for some fun. Lo and behold, Flo batends there. Flo is working behind the bar as Hope retells the awful night of her daughter’s death to her aunt. Flo eavesdrops as Hope tells Katie everything and then drops a glass when Hope recalls, “Dr. Buckingham did everything he could, but…” Katie leaves to go pick up Will and Hope hands her credit card to Flo. Upon seeing the name on the card, Flo introduces herself to Hope and tells her that she has something to tell her. Just as Flo is about to tell Hope the truth about her baby, Zoe comes over and quickly interjects that Flo is Phoebe’s birth mother, stopping Flo from revealing the truth. After Hope leaves, Zoe scolds Flo for almost revealing the truth, Flo and Reese could go to jail if this gets out. Flo reveals that she thinks maybe Reese should go to jail after what he has done. Zoe begs Flo to leave LA and to not reveal the truth, she doesn't want her father to go down for this. 

Hope returns home and immediately tells Liam that she has met Phoebe’s birth mother. Hope tells him how she felt like them being in the same place at the same time was fate. When Hope tells Liam that Zoe was the one who revealed this information to her, Liam is confused. He wonders how Zoe knows Phoebe’s birth mother. Hope did note that there was some tension between the two women. 

Later on, Flo and Wyatt run into each other. The pair discuss how long it has been since they have last seen each other and Flo recalls that Wyatt just up and left Vegas with no warning. Wyatt updates Flo on the last few years of his life. How he know longer works with his mother, how he has found his father, and how he is now Wyatt Spencer. Wyatt asks Flo if she has kids to which she responds that it never happened for her. Flo tells Wyatt she needs to get back to work but not before telling him that she did love him. She kisses him and tells him how much she’s missed him. Wyatt tells Flo that he is living with someone but then invites her to his and Sally’s dinner party that night. Wyatt wants her to meet his brother. Little does Wyatt know, Flo has already helped to steal and sell his brother’s baby. 

Back at the beach house, Wyatt apologizes to Sally for inviting a last minute guest but she doesn’t mind, she is glad to learn about his past. Flo arrives and Sally and her hit it off. Hope and Liam arrive and Wyatt introduces Flo as an old friend. Hope is very quick to blurt out that Flo is, in fact, Phoebe’s birth mother. It takes a moment for Flo to realize that Hope is Wyatt’s sister-in-law. Wyatt blurts out that Flo was his high school sweetheart, news to Sally, and asks why she lied about having children. Flo tells them that Phoebe isn’t actually hers. They begin to discuss the night of Beth’s death. Flo finds out that Steffy is Liam’s ex-wife. Hope becomes visibly upset when discussing Beth and Flo begins to talk about regrets. Flo asks the room not to hate her. Wyatt tells Flo no one is judging her and she responds, “yeah, it’s about Phoebe.” 

Unfortunately, Flo does not reveal the truth as we expected her to. She plays it off like she is so upset because she regrets putting Phoebe up for adoption. Hope tells Flo about how Phoebe brought her joy in one of the darkest times of her life. 

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